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on 05/28/2008

Slugline Typing Space...

Hi, I'm having a WORLD of trouble with the amount of visible typing space when creating a slugline... It lets me type as much as I want, but I can't see past the first four words! Any thoughts on changing this?

Thanks so much, I otherwise love this site :-)


on 05/28/2008

Hi DawnAM-- What browser and OS are you using? Do you see scrollbars that are crowding the visible space?

The slugline field should be enough space to write a sentence or so. It is the one field that doesn't expand because they're typically not that long.


on 07/25/2008

where is the scene? the setting? how i write them?


on 08/03/2008

sluglines are supposed to be very brief... the allotted space seems plenty big

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