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on 11/11/2009

Vampire Series

Hey im looking for someone to team up with to continue writing a Vampire series im doing.
i want this story to be unique of the vampire series/movies that is out now. If everything works out im planning to film this series on youtube. so if u want to help jus comment.
Thanks (=


on 11/16/2009

i would like to read what ever u have written...am paul


on 01/10/2010

if this is still open, i'd love to help :)


on 03/01/2010

i would like to help also


on 05/22/2010

I would love to help if its still possible.


on 05/29/2010

I'll help out too :)


on 06/12/2010

Is it still open. I'm about to begin my vampire script.


on 01/20/2011

I'd really like to help aswell, if thats okay.

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