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on 02/24/2008

Purpose of scenes tab?

I thought that with SCENES i could write scene descriptions and basically use that function to create an outline of the screenplay. i can't seem to get beyond three scenes. am i using this function incorrectly? or is there a limit to the number of scenes i can write about? or am i supposed to do something else to be able to view them all?


on 02/24/2008

In the default view of the scenes tab, you should be able to add as many scenes as you'd like - the scene titles and descriptions will then show up in your screenplay view. i've just double-checked on another project of mine and didn't have an issue adding more than three scenes. can you try again, and let me know what happens when you try to add a fourth scene? if it doesn't work, let us know what browser you're using, too.


on 02/25/2008

Ookay, maybe I'm going out of my mind.... I just tried the SCENES again, and found that I can add more than three. Thanks.


on 01/20/2011

how do you delete scenes from the bar though?

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