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on 01/14/2010

Is anyone on this site

im new and want to know how many people use this site


on 01/15/2010

1, plus you... I guess that makes 2.


on 02/01/2010

I'm On This Site, And i'm New And i Dnt Have A Clue


on 02/01/2010

This site is awesome.


on 02/26/2010

i joined and then have not used it since (until today) because its a bit confusing. I have no idea how this works D:


on 03/01/2010

me too


on 03/01/2010

this website is wicked


on 03/03/2010

This site has some realy nice features, but it is a bit of work getting used to it. That said, it does seem pretty empty lately.


on 03/07/2010

I joined a year ago...but then got really busy and put my writing on hold. Back again finally - and the site is fantastic and looks to have some great updates :)


on 03/08/2010

Been on here or a while, just stopped writing a bit. Glad that its back from it's month hiatus or however long it was.


on 03/13/2010

I'm on this site read my prompt and write stuff in my play! "Risky Buisness"


Edited on 04/06/2010. Posted on 04/06/2010.

I am new but I see this being as awesome as pancakes with a stranger in a subway filled with sandwiches on top of a ginger bread house. MMMM.... ON a serious note i think any writing is good writing if it gets your creative juices going. I love it so far.

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