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on 02/24/2008

script - what the...

got your attention? good!
does anyone have a good resource for the novice script writer? - do's and don't's

can i have different sluglines in the same scene? is the accepted format basically - INT/EXT - location - DAY/NIGHT? or can i have a more 'creative' time description?....

any direction would be appreciated.


on 02/24/2008

I really like www.craftyscreenwriting.com. The guy who does this site has sold lots of stuff and is very approachable. There's a ton of stuff at the library too.


on 02/24/2008

I also like this very detailed guide: http://www.storysense.com/docs/SPFormat.pdf

Let me know how it works out for you.


on 02/26/2008

perfect. this is exactly what i was looking for.


on 03/14/2008

Screenwriting.info has been a helpful tool for me.


Edited on 05/21/2008. Posted on 05/21/2008.

www.johnaugust.com is an excellent resource that covers a whole range of topics.

if you want the end-all-be-all resource for format, check out The Screenwriter's Bible.


on 07/25/2008

contrast between screen writing vs. scriptwriting.


on 01/09/2009

What exactly is INT vs EXT? is it internal and external like indoors and outdoors?


on 01/24/2009

Yes. Interior and Exterior

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