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on 02/04/2010

Making a short film for my senior year.

I'm making a short film for my final senior projeckt and It'll be based around the Ideal Society vs. Corrupt Society concept. Any good ideas peoples??????


on 03/16/2010

How about some "preps" as the ideal society and some "outsiders" as the corrupt society. Not just your average "geek vs. popular", but that same struggle that moved on beyond high school....An example: an "outsider" goes on a job interview, but gets rejected by a "prep". It's an socio-psychological problem that exists this very day...

Anyway it's just an idea...maybe to complex for a short film in a senior year, not that you are to stupid or anything, but it's quite deep and you don't want too much about a movie content as a viewer, right ?

Anyways, good luck with your project...

Greetz WTF


on 08/31/2010

how about a guy that is alone in life and creates a psychological problem. Not about this world but with in himself. Maybe he is the Ideal Society and what he creates is the Corrupt Society or vis versa. Because everyone is dealing with this problem, there is always good and evil even with in us.

So how far does he have to go to defeat one or the other.
just an idea.

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