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on 02/09/2010

Film Maker looking for scripts

We are a new indie film company here in Wilmington, Delaware and we film full and short films every month and we are looking for editors and actors male and female that live in the area. We present the films to film festivals, the internet and for sell on DVD. I'm on here looking to work with writers to build a good scripts for a nice indie film I can film and share with everyone. It is hard finding that right script that Indie film company can film so this is it. I will share credits with everyone and I have some good ideas. Please visit my website and let start writing.


on 03/09/2010

what is your website URL?


on 02/20/2011

I have been writing scenes and maping out my script. It's about a bank robber who is left behind by his partners to get caught by the police, the police give him the option of bringing his partners to jail, and stay out of jail. If your interested my e-mail is [email protected]

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