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on 02/26/2010

Title Pages!

You should find a way to make a screenplay title page that can be downloaded with it, showing the title and all of the contributors. would be great help! I know how to make them myself, but this would be a bit cooler if you guys made it so that this did it automatically. just saying :P


on 09/23/2010

i agree - this would be really cool if you had a default title page.


on 06/01/2012

I too concur with this notion.


on 10/23/2012

This is a must! I would love a title page, otherwise I have to keep using other software for my title pages... it's annoying to use two because plotbot is convenient with everything else.


on 01/16/2013

I agree! A title page would help out.


two years ago

Ya! I need a title page!

Maybe some watermarks too ;)

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