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on 04/25/2010

Looking for Writers (exp needed)

I would like one or two people to help me with a movie or two. Must have experience might be a little to harsh of me to say but... whatever.

Little about myself, graduated with a B.A. in creative writing from FSU and I am also a Stand-Up Comedian.


on 06/04/2010

Hi. What do you need help with?


on 06/09/2010

Hey I've got 3 screenplays under my belt. I can help ya.:) I got the experience.


on 10/18/2010

I am wanting to learn the possess of writing a screen play but I do not know how to start. I have a idea for a television plot. I have a problem with grammar and spelling but my t thoughts are ready for starting this possess. Pleas help me in starting this I have ADD/ADHD any help will be appreciated.


on 10/21/2010

i've written 3 screenplays the past three months. c'mon i can help you


on 10/28/2010

sure, i'll help

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