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on 06/01/2010

Need advice about screenplay copyrights

Im making a short film screenplay based on the game characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. im really worried that SEGA, the creator of the Sonic games, is gonna come after me for copyright infringement. i want to ask permission to use the characters but cant figure out who to talk to for a straight answer. if they say no then is it still legal to make a fan film, as long as its not for profit?


on 07/08/2010

The first thing I would do is contact the creators of Sonic & locate their legal department. You'll find out the answers to your questions. Good Luck.


on 12/07/2010

You are not going to get permission....
They are worth to much money...period.
However, two questions.
1. Just how many people do you think are going to see your film?
2. Do you plan to enter festivals?

If you are just "making a film" then go ahead, make it, have fun with it, show it to friends and family, even submit to a few of the smaller fests, youtube it........SEGA is not going to care....the moment you try and make money off it, they will care....so the easy answer is don't try and make money off it...use it as a training ground to make something original (similar to the star wars fan films and others)....

If you try and enter the larger festivals, they will knock you back for copyright infringement just to cover their bums...easier to do that than face a lawsuit later aimed at them for making money off your film
hope that helps...


on 12/15/2010

all you have to do is call them bonic the sledgefrog , and change the look of the characters a bit and then tell sega is eat your shit


on 12/15/2010

also any parodies are open to make fun of without caring about how they react to it

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