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on 06/18/2010

Searching for Co-writers

For a vampire/hunter series.


on 06/22/2010

Ooh, that would be fun. I'll do it but I might not be able to do it all the time :)


Edited on 06/22/2010. Posted on 06/22/2010.

Thank you


on 06/22/2010

Are you familiar with five sprockets?


on 12/01/2010

ok here we go
we open with a fang poppin out of someones mouth and then like the vampire dudes just fuckin bites some kids face. off. he bites the face off and theres blood everywhere and its fucking sick. man this shits gonna be great


on 01/02/2011

Something to get the juices of the guys flowing,and female views are most certainly welcomed! Only go to this link if you are serious about co-writing,and giving an idea from your point of view.From my notebook to yours;here is;The Truth.


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