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on 06/20/2010

Looking for readers to help me mold my 'style'

Hey everyone. I'm a new guy here (fairly new to scriptwriting as well, to be honest). I'm a film composer but I figured I wanted to actually write a few movies along the way.

So currently I've a few film ideas lined up. I've started writing one of them, called "Ellsworth and Me" -- about an unhinged taxi cab driver, James Clarke, who drives his customer to locations in his past that he feels are important (e.g. where his first girlfriend lived, where he got his prom tuxedo, etc.). Meanwhile, the customer, Travis Ellsworth, doesn't care and ends up falling asleep. Eventually, Ellsworth arrives at his destination... which happens to be quite an important location in Clarke's life as well (ooh **foreshadowing**!).

If you think that one sounds weird, just wait until you hear my next plot. The project remains untitled, as of yet, but it starts off like this: three people are laying dead around a giant Chinese take-out box. The rest of the film tells the story of each of the characters, why they are there, and what happened to them.

I think from this post you have probably gathered that I have already somewhat developed my style -- surreal situations with bizarre instances contrasting with the starkness of the real world.

So I am -- and will be -- looking for readers to give me their opinions on what they like (or don't like) about the scripts as I write them. Do the scenes and the settings and the dialogue convey the starkly real world? Is the dialogue realistic?

I am not currently looking for any collaborators to help write this (I very much want to keep this my own project in my own... rather unique style). But if anyone wants to partake in the writing of this chaotic screenplay, then please send me an e-mail: chemical(dot)reaper(at)gmail(dot)com.


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