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Edited on 07/09/2010. Posted on 07/09/2010.

Looking for collaborators for a war movie!!!!

I, Bob Jaimson, am looking for writers who can collaborate with me to write a script entitled "Behind The Battlefront", which is about four U.S.M.C soldiers who arrive in Afghanistan and become best friends after the war.


on 08/05/2010

i want to collaborate, just reply and i'm ready!


on 08/06/2010

Bob I would love to collaborate. I too was working on a war movie.


on 08/29/2010

I am also interested in getting involved. Message me and Im in. Sounds compelling


on 09/08/2010

i`d be ionterested to be involved, have you started writing do you have an idea on an outline for the story?

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