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on 07/26/2010

Am i Dreaming

Man (make name you think fits)
18 years old
Mentally unstable

Single Mother of 2 (name is never reveled)
43when she died
Loving and caring

Sister (make name that fits)
22 years old
In college

When the boy was 10 years old he was very sick in bed his sister sleeping the next room, his mother runs to the store to get some medicine for the boy, its 2:57am the roads are quiet, she gets to the store buys the medicine and hurries home to her children. Screeching of tires are heard in the distance they noise get louder as she drives forward. A light blue car comes dangerously around the corner on the left and slams into the car, instantly both drivers die. It takes hours for anyone to notice what has happened, her children still at home sleeping has no idea what has happened. it is 4:46 am it is foggy and cold outside the sun is just barley coming up the sky is purple blue and orange. The boy and his sister are woken up by social services, they ask the children to come with them something important had happened. (this when the mental instability starts)

Dreams that make person mentally unstable because they seem so real, his mental instability causes his dreams to seem to spill in to his days he doesn’t know when he’s dreaming or awake. After that night at the cemetery the person has been thing about how his mother was never there for him, then starts thing of the way he felt after she died from a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Person laying in bed nodding off to sleep, as he closes his eyes his mind begins to wonder. The person seemed to be awakened by his mother who had died when he was 10 of a car accident. This is a dream but the consequences led to his death by drunk driving, and killing a 43 year old single mother of 2.

help my find the middle of the story and climax be detailed and leave your name so i can put you in the credits, of my Independent film

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