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on 07/05/2008

Collaboration and Voting


I was thinking that if you wanted to get some better collaboration going you could nominate 20 or so scripts that you think have potential and are "public" and put them to the vote. The three or four scripts / ideas that the community deems best should get a pride of place on the home page and be recommended as collaborative pieces.

Plotbot is a great tool that just needs to get some traction.


on 07/21/2008

I like the idea of featuring scripts. It is something that has been on our back burner for a while. In your mind, these projects should be featured on the front page and for writers that haven't joined a project? And when writers are first looking for a project to join?


on 12/20/2008

I agree, sounds good.


on 12/23/2008

That would be a cool feature


on 02/11/2015

Hear hear! Why is this not done?

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