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on 09/10/2010

i want to put together a writing team...Do u want to join..

hey guys..before i start i want 2 tell u my intentions and my projects.
My name is Dakota Duran.
Ok let me start by saying, im a big time hero lover. ilove marvel and i love dc comics. Sooo...the word is those two groups are putting together a lot of hero movies on the big screen but they have no ideas...thats where i come in...i have come up with so many ideas.
1. spider-man 4
2. X-men: rise of apocalypse
3. Deadpool
4. Superman: rise of a superior
5. The Justice League
6. Silver Surfer
7. X-men: rise of the mutants
Now all those titles are already taken, but they have no scripts. i want to write scripts for those titles and sell them 2 producers. now i have come up with a plot for each but i barely know anything about the marvel and dc characters. i need a team of writers who no alot about those two groups. if the scripts turn into movies, ill give each who joins a fare share of the money and i wont get any.. im not in it for money, i love 2 write. WHO WANTS 2 JOIN?
Here are my finished titles that ive written scripts for:
1. Halo
2. Transformers 4: The beginning of a new end
Here are upcoming titles from me:
1. Halo: Reach
2. Halo: Ghost of Harvest
3. Halo: Mankind's last struggle
4. U-factor
5. reboot of a predator franchise
6. Ben 10 Alien force the movie

Notes: the Superman movie listed is about the fight between superman and batman.

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