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on 09/25/2010

I am looking for co-writers for my screenplay I am writing based on my material, The Prophecy Chronicles Chronicle One- The Chosen One

I am Paul Richard Price. I am the author of The Prophecy Chronicles: Chronicle One-The Chosen One. I am currently working on the screenplay adaptation for the story. I need someone who can work with me as an editor and story consultant. Since I own the copyright to the material I am looking now for a partner with whom I can share credit with so I can get the project finished and sold. I am looking for someone who will be willing to share profits from the sale of my material. Credit will be given and compensation will be given after the project was sold. A contract regarding the compensation issues will have to be agreed to and signed before the work can be done. If you are interested in the project please send me contact information to [email protected] Thank you for your interest in this project!

Paul Richard Price


on 02/20/2011

I have been writing for a while, I'm young. But I would love to help!


on 07/29/2012

Do you know how to write a script? If you don't, I can help if you want to.

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