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on 09/27/2010

Any takers for "dark" projects?

I'm looking for a female writer to do "dark" projects with on a regular basis. I would like a woman's touch with some project ideas. I just need to keep the creative juices flowing with another while I iron out the kinks in a solo project.


on 12/01/2010

iam a sexy down to earth woman writress and i think i may beable to help


on 12/02/2010



on 12/08/2010

If you're still interested, I'd love to work on something a little more serious.


on 12/15/2010

hehe , yeah I wouldn't mind doing a dark drama , I have been writing an outline of scenes for one I am writing now called " Lunchbox." all we need to do is outline the scenes and plot ideals and it will be easy to go through and add


on 06/03/2011

Count me in.


on 07/07/2011

Yeah, I'd be game for something like that.


on 08/23/2011

Sounds interesting! Can you give some more details?

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