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on 09/28/2010

Angry silly people, hear my cry!

Hey hey, I'm new here and I feel obliged to say so.

I've just started a coming of age thing: Think "Adventures in Babysitting."

Got it? Good, now take away the 80s and the minors

add in foul language, awkwardness, angst and a boy in a pizza hat (although a lot of that is already there, come to think of it)

and a few elements from a Kevin Smith film (or something)

And you'll have a pretty good idea what I'm trying to go after. I've got pretty much everything I've come up with thus far in the outline, but I feel like a lot of it is unoriginal and uninspired, and I'm also running out of ideas for shenanigans for my characters to get into.


Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Death Threats? Offerings to the High Priest?

I'll love you forever and ever.

Nah, I take that back.


on 02/07/2011

Just boarded plotbot & newbies. Wandering how to join in ..

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