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on 12/01/2010

hey does anyone even use this anymore?

i just stumbled upon this website and made an account, seems like a good idea to me. but this place looks like a ghost town from the forums. the earliest posting months ago. am i all alone in this website? can someone help me write a screenplay about my cat, its sort of a memorial thing(shell be dead soon). :D thanks!


on 12/02/2010

no not that I know of, I have been a member for a few days and have not talked to a single soul set. you help me with my script and I will help with yours....


on 12/02/2010

alright, whats yours about? my cat means a lot to me and if we screw up this full length movie i have planned, its really going to tear me apart.


on 12/02/2010

Hey... I've been on the forums a few times and haven't got much of a response. I've been using the site for several years now for some school projects/programs. I teach theatre and an after-school digital film making class.

What's going on with your cat?


on 12/03/2010

well several health issues are happening, and its really taking all my money away from me, ive quit my job and have had to move in with my parents again. its just a last wish of mine for the cats true story could be told through this piece. shes really close to the end now..


on 12/17/2010

this site is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to professionalism. they toss out a piece of shit site that has maybe 200 dollars of work involved and want to have people take it seriously. even those in charge with any type of problem tell you to check elsewhere and go to java , they are not specific.

This is a bunch of corpses thrown into the ocean and a month later trying to find them. It's a landfill of lesser-values.

There is no way that any that have worked on actual productions would take a place like this seriously - the only reason being is that there is no standards. When your dealing with the Screen Actors Guild and other's around the world - without perfection you will be laughed at.



on 12/20/2010

would you like to help?


on 12/27/2010

yes I do but would like a format and outline for story , plot-hooks, change-ups, flash backs or whatever else is going to be used. The outlining process should be pretty simple once the cause and effect is taken care of. It's not hard to do the scening it's the dialog and transitions (explanations of transitions) that make a good script. People will tell you all types of ways but going with the most detailed explanations will be best, at least for a pilot script , doing full feature film writing is about a year long process and if I am not getting paid I wouldn't put that much work it into.

a week of writing amongst a few people , get a nice pilot going and blam, it's ready for editing.


on 07/07/2011

What the hell? Everyone is gone on this site!?

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