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on 12/05/2010

Copyright and protection

While I'm huge on input and collaboration but also new to this, what steps can I take to protect my ideas AND still work towards collaborations


on 12/07/2010

You can't protect your ideas, only your expression of your ideas.....
Best protection is to not let anyone see your expression until after you have registered it with WGA (which isn't the same as copyright, it only gives you some argument in case someone does use that particular expression of idea)
Keep in mind that depending on who you are, and who they are, the likely hood of you winning the case is slim to none. Against any of the big studios, forget about it.
All they have to do is change the names, the time period and the location and they have effectively created a brand new script.


on 12/17/2010

with a simple right click > view source and a bit of tunneling you can get any scripts you want even if they are placed as private. so right away your rights are nothing. there is no protection and if your work is stolen , this site would not back you up, they would pass the buck. so it would be a civil suit which would be worthless.

you might as well create an anonymous name and never post and just write on your own so there could be no acknowledgment of your existence.

Basically , nothing online will ever be binded legally, every terms of service you read, even google are not legally binded... though who has the money to go against them?

if you haven't learned not to believe everything you read by now, then you might as well cut your losses and accept mediocrity.

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