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on 12/18/2010

only starting...

all right , im a teen, im irish . ive only signed up to this. i dont understand this whole "idea" on how this site works. im in the middle of writing a script. scene one includes characters manily 3 young youths. one who has just returned to school a girl, second a young lad, who is a big trouble maker who never takes the blame for his actions. and the third is another young fella who has just lost his father to cancer who will not exspress his feelings to anyone. scene two will introduce his family, paint a prospective and also his true feelings. im only young,nobody really knows im doing this,if people did know they'd think i was taking the piss!but all thoughts, ideas and advice would help. im a lyricist aswell i write rap , rock etc . im quite good at that , as i am one of the top rated on 2 sites, but fuck that anyways if anyone here needs help, in music our rhyming our songs in a script, my email is [email protected] for msn , and also Skype - [email protected] ! thanks !


on 12/18/2010

Welcome to the forum
To get your head around finishing your script properly set it down and write down two things
1. Who is the actual hero of your story? Who is the one person that must be in the film all the way to the end for your story to be complete?
2. What does your hero want and what does he need to sacrifice to get it? Because by act three he'll be forced to sacrifice it
Writing your script only comes after nailing down your outline. Your outline is your guide, it can change of course but it helps you stay on track.
As a final question, does your hero win at the end lose?


on 03/24/2011

Just was curious how the script was coming because it sounded interesting. Have a nice day k.

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