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on 07/20/2008

Writer's Block

Help! I have writer's block! Anyone have ideas or what to do when you have writer's block?


Edited on 07/20/2008. Posted on 07/20/2008.

Just keep writing! It doesn't have to be good--you can delete it later. It helps to just write through your problems until you find something worth keeping.


on 08/03/2008



on 09/14/2008

It's hard when writers block is so bad that you don't even want to write anymore.

Maybe try writing about your writer's block.

I personally get numb alot and have nothing to say. What then?


on 10/08/2008

The only only only way to beat writer's block is the punch through it. Sure, you may turn out a thousand pages of crap, but that crap is better than the nothing you'd have otherwise and will probably at least give you some idea where you'd want to go.


on 11/06/2008

Writers block is cured by adventure. Drugs are the easiest. (I include alcohol, of course). They will lead to bad women and other bad decisions, though bad women can be found without the blurred haze of altered states. Human folly, your own or observed from others, will lead the pen to adventure. "Follow the money" if you are an investigator. A writer will "follow the folly."


on 12/04/2008

try eating peanut butter that'll stop it.


on 12/04/2008

Go somewhere you've never gone before in your life wearing a disguise.
Or watch anything by Haiyo Miazaki.


on 12/13/2008

dude the best way i found to overcome writers block is to write the most ridiculous, outrageous thing you can think of. for example, a monkey is eating a cupcake and gets blown up because a rhino had gas. outragous...yes. ridiculous...yes. guess wat u have a comic strip idea.


on 12/14/2008

i walk around my apartment for like 5 minutes listening to music it always helps


on 12/27/2010

I usually wait 2 years and then reply to this. It worked!


on 07/06/2011

That last post. Fucking brilliant.

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