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on 01/16/2011

my rape memoir

I wrote a memoir on my rape and recovery. im still in the recovering process so this may help to write it out
15 year old Charlotte was on facebook in her room after her mom's 50th birthday party when one of her brothers friends came upstairs. He came into her room got on her bed and forcefully raped her. This story shows how she deals with being stalked at school by her attacker, telling her friends about it, her parents finding out, STD testing, resisting the help of therapists and attorneys, going to the Detective and court. She also deals with harassment from her school when they find out and don't believe her.


on 02/07/2011

Looks like great short movie..


on 03/15/2011

you should contact your local authorities


on 03/24/2011

The best thing about writing is you get to make your own story endings. Think of the possibilities here; A) Charlotte posts her diary to the internet and she finds she is not alone. B) The girls who sees Charlotte's web diary join her web page and sets a trap for the attacker. C) The attacker is caught and convicted for assaulting several girls and Charlotte finds the strength to redeem herself. --- Just thinking off the top of my head. Your idea sounds great.


on 03/31/2011

thanks! thats a really good idea

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