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Edited on 01/18/2011. Posted on 01/18/2011.

Really lost, nothing seems to work

Hi there
I'm using IE8 and have signed up to plotbot only today.

When I try and write a scene, usually I can't get anywhere. Sometimes I manage to open a new scene and write some dialogue, but if I press enter or submit, rather than jumping to the next piece of dialogue, what looks like a small comments box pops up on the right and I can't do anything else. If I write in the box, whatever I write disappears although it appears to be registered as an edit because my user name appears on the right.

I can't see any buttons that let me add new dialog, or slugs, the only buttons on my interface are "previous scene" and "next scene". Am I doing something wrong? I can't see any similar problems on the forum. If I try using enter and tab as suggested in the help menu then usually it just adds new lines to the text box or sends my cursor tabbing around the IE interface, like pressing tab normally does.
Help :-( It appears that what SHOULD be working, isn't working for me. Is there a known issue?


on 01/18/2011

This happened to me as well. I had to refresh the page to see all I had written. It is really annoying. I think it worked itself out after the first day. Also if you look at the top of your script page you'll see a couple icons and one is a preference where if you choose to show you classic view the buttons for "action" "dialogue" "slug" and a few others will pop up each time you make a new line of "actions". Hope this helps.

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