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on 02/17/2011

I Need FeedBacks!

Hi, Everyone and Anyone. I'm new to this site and so far it's pretty cool. I'm impress but I need some feedback on one of my scripts and I know you're all thinking..."Don't We All?" so let me just say if you guys need feedback on whatever...I'll be happy to give it you so PLEASE help me out. The name of my project is "Dating Twins" it's not the final title it's just what I'm working with now. Anyway...Thanks for your feedback.


on 02/20/2011

From what the title sounds like, it's a comedy

And I'm not sure if I've seen something like "Dating Twins" before, but it seems interesting if you need any help I'm here


on 02/20/2011

I'd be happy to give you constructive criticism, as long as you want it. I can't seem to find your script. Can you link it on this thread?


on 03/24/2011

Here ya go...

We need to see the script in order to give you constructive feedback. My guess is these twins look nothing like each other. I have the feeling one was born December 31st of one year and the other January lst of the following year. One twin has the werewolf gene and other doesn't which creates havoc in their relationship as sisters. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!


on 05/24/2011

Do not mind giving feedback but I have not seen your script. A twin flicks that come to mind is Jean-Claude Van Damme Double Impact. Since you are going to change the name of your script you may want to let your audience hang for about a third of the script before you let them know that there are twins involved in dating the same man or woman without realizing it.


on 07/07/2011

That seems logical indeed. The last reply that is.

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