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on 02/23/2011

Script PIpeline 2011 Competition

Hello fellow screenwriters at Plotbot. For those of you who are into contests just wanted to give you the heads up that the early deadline for this years Script Pipeline Screenplay and Teleplay competition is March 1st! The contest gives away 100,000 in cash and prizes and has resulted in several success stories. Go to www.scriptpipeline.com/screenwriting-competition to get more details or check out past winners and their resulting success!

Plotbot writers can use the promo code "wordsmith" for 20% off the early competition fees if you enter by March 1st!


on 03/24/2011

Gosh darn it! Maybe next time huh? Honey don't it just make your gums itch when you miss out on things?


on 03/24/2011

Anymore on the Horizon?

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