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on 04/13/2011

Maybe would like some calaborators for a romantic comedy

Hi I am a complete newbie. I do believe I have a solid screenplay ideal, which I have already written the outline for. The screenplay would be about two best friends, one male, one female. There friendship gets tested when the male finds a girlfriend and moves in with her. Girlfriend doesn't like the guy to hang out with his single friend who happens to be a girl. The two friends devise a plan for to find a fake boyfriend so the girlfriend doesn't feel threaten. The story would revole around the four people with several comedic ganders and consequence. The rising action would be when fake boyfriend professes his love for her, and she says she's not interested because she realizes she always had feelings for her male best friend. Meanwhile fake boyfriend sees the male's girlfriend at a bar, and spills the beans about the whole charade. They party... accidentally make out. When female friend goes to the male best friend, he turns her down, because he is really in love with his girlfriend. She kisses him, not knowing the girlfriend saw them kiss.

This culminates to a confrontation at the male friend home with all four charters where people get punched and slapped, things thrown...etc. It all ends with Male friend proposing to his girlfriend, and his female best friend accepting it.

The two wed, and the girl and the fake boyfriend start a new romantic relationship as well.


I have a longer Outline of this to help carry the mood of the story, if you are interested.
I believe I have the characters personalities hashed out as well.

Star: Female Best Friend: Artsy, Intelligent, Sarcastic, non-serious, free Sprited, girl next door, fugal, beer drinker, sports fan.

Male Best friend: Smart, serious, vain but not arrogant, well dressed, Sports fan

Girlfriend: Graceful, girly girl, smart, meticulous, clean, health consciences

Fake Boyfriend: Rugged, reserved, nervous, kind, ironic, artsy


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