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on 04/17/2011

looking for a team of young savy writers!

Writing a teen pyscho slasher screen play, with many plot twist. Need people who can bring charcters to life and bring and bring dark humor and witty humor to the wrighting. More story details as you join. Hope to here from you soon!


on 04/18/2011

I can help!


on 04/20/2011

Cool, go over to my page and look at Friendly Secets and read the summry and tell me what you think i already started the first scene and from there we can work this out! Im excited to have you abord talk to you soon!


on 07/07/2011

Still doing this or what?


Edited on 07/09/2011. Posted on 07/09/2011.

Sounds cool.


on 07/09/2011

Wow! A living breathing person! I am over excited. I kind of wet myself a tad.


on 08/15/2011

finally not an amateur idea. I'm in!


on 08/16/2011

im down bro, put me in


Edited on 08/19/2011. Posted on 08/19/2011.

If you are still looking i would love to give it a try. I'm currently writing a drama- horror film.

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