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on 04/21/2011

Summer Project

Me and some friends have been kidding about creating a movie for a long time about our annual bigfoot hunts. I have no idea how to write a script so I am in desperate need of help. I dont need a deep script, just one that makes sense. Cheesy dialogue is okay too because this is likely to be almost a parody that takes itself seriously because of the low budget. It does sounds like fun though and I would appreciate ANY help I can get. Here is a possible beginning I made: http://www.plotbot.com/showdowns/barnsdallbigfoot/join/2035c819

I envision it being filmed using a handcam, but am open to any suggestions. Basically the only limits i have are that it has to include bigfoot hunting/tracking a group of teens in a forrest.

(Already invested in bigfoot costume)
Let me know if you have any questions.

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