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Edited on 05/26/2011. Posted on 05/26/2011.

I need some comments and ideas please.

So I am writing a play for my English class. The title is "The End is Nearly Nigh" and it is a comedy involving the apocalypse. I wrote an outline but it is not finished and wrote the script for the first act first scene. I need people to come up with a good ending and other humorous scenes or things I can include to make it funny. I want this to be a pretty short and to the point play lasting maybe 15-20 minutes long. The link to the outline is this:


and the link for the screenplay:


I don't know if those links will work but please take a look and feedback is greatly appreciated to make this better. Thank you.
Also, please do not change any of the outline and script. Please comment only and I'll change it myself if I like the idea.


on 07/06/2011

I'll bet that this has been done for a while.

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