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on 07/06/2011

The Judgment Of The Dead

It's a full-feature project I'm working on, and I love getting feedback from other writers. I'm looking for mostly writers who are into the zombie genre and would given genuine feedback. Simply click on my name and you can find my project. I'd be grateful for any and all feedback positive or negative.


on 07/07/2011

This seems pretty cool. I read a little bit of your script. It seems to be off to a somewhat alright start.


on 07/17/2011

Thanks Abyssinal, been having a lot of great response to it so far, a lot of people love the intro, mostly been showing them it, with the music, it really solidly brings the opening scene to life. Really working hard on it, and trying to keep the dialogue believable and fun. I appreciate your interest! Hope you'll keep following it!


on 05/15/2012

Hey Jeremy... Are you still looking for feedback on this project?

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