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on 07/10/2011

I need a script to film!


My name is Anders Rune and i work as a director out of Stockholm, Sweden. I have been awarded some cash to shoot a film, so i need a script. ONE location, 3-4 Actors. "Kitchen Sink Style" to shoot in LA later this year. I was going to adapt a play but the story didnt hold for the screen.

Is there any "easy to shoot" scripts out there?


Anders Rune


on 07/10/2011

Comedy? Drama? Horror? Thriller? Mystery?


on 07/10/2011

Dear Mr. Rune,

I have a script that utilizes at least four main characters and ten sideliners. It is a script that takes place in many settings, but could be shot easily in a studio with props (jungle scenery-one setting is at the ruins of "City in the Clouds"-Peru) and uses trains and helicopters. But it is essentially an adventure comedy and could be shot on location at army museums with helicopters at them on a low budget. Please let me know what is meant by "kitchen sink style"?


on 07/10/2011

Well. "Kitchen Sink" is usually described as a drama-genre set in realistic environments.

But. I will consider any genre as long as its a good story!


on 09/02/2011

Hi.. I have few story i need someone to teach me proper way writing script/scrrenplay as well and colbrate with me.


Edited on 01/22/2012. Posted on 01/22/2012.

u have found your script "buried and forgotten" A true story that happens in hollywood i know where bodies are [email protected]


on 01/26/2012

How about a short?


on 05/15/2012

So did anyone hear back from Mr. Rune?

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