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on 07/10/2011

Looking for writers for a internet web series...

So I'm thinking of a comedy series following a group of high school freshman and seeing them progress through their high school experience. This will be a long term project and will require a staff of writers to push it along.


on 07/11/2011

I can do that.


on 07/12/2011

Ok, what are your strengths?


on 07/12/2011

A bottomless well of sarcastic wit, dashing good looks and an immensely distorted sense of self importance. Oh, and I have a spectacular penchant for pointing out writing discrepancies and typos. Oh, and I like to write.


on 07/13/2011

ok so when do we start and what do u want from me?


on 07/15/2011

I can help if you still need people.

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