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on 07/23/2011

co-create a horror script for Amazon's halloween contest

Looking for someone to collaborate with on a script for amazon's contest. The deadline is September 31st. Any takers?


on 07/25/2011

What do you have in mind?


on 07/25/2011

Title: Watchdog

A young recovering victim of a hostage situation and alcoholic tries getting her life back, but when she takes on the responsibility of a neighbors possessed dog she finds herself in a position fighting to keep her sanity.

If interested I can send you a synopsis, but nothing is written yet so any and all ideas are welcomed and it would be completely collaborative as far as creating characters and all.


on 07/26/2011

I'm highly interested in horror scripts, going by what you've written here it seems to me you're writing on sidelines of 'spirits'; i've written one myself a year ago if you want to have a look at it you can search it here, the title is 'The Cottage'. I'm interested in collaborating with you.

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