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on 08/23/2011

Hi All! Newbie Here!

Hi, everyone! I'm a newbie; stumbled across this site today, liked what I saw, and am joining in. I love creative writing, and am looking forward to talking with like-minded people here!

A little about me: My name is Taylor. I'm 20 years old, American, female, and a Christian. I love to write (mostly Christian fiction, medical drama, and political thrillers).

I was born 4 months premature and have spent way too much time in hospitals. :P Also am a civilian first-responder with basic training in search and rescue and trauma first aid. As such, I have way too much knowledge about medical conditions and procedures - so if you have any questions about any of that, feel free to ask away and I'll do my best to help.

All things related to military/law enforcement and Criminology are another passion of mine. (I'm the daughter of a former police officer, and friends with many others.) I know a lot about military and police procedures, weapons, radical Islam and terrorism. I also speak passable Spanish and Arabic, and know a lot of military, police, and medical terms in both languages - so, again, feel free to ask away if you need help with that sort of thing for your writing.

As for writing: Like I said, I love to write. I'm very familiar with prose, not so much with scripts, but am currently brainstorming ideas and attempting to write a script (check it out in my Projects). Help is appreciated, and I'll repay you with kudos and imaginary cookies! :)



on 08/27/2011

Welcome aboard Taylor! I'm new to this site as well and pretty new to the whole screenwriting/script writing process too. What I've come to learn so far is script writing and prose writing have some good things in common, but the problem comes in the length category. As you can imagine, a screenplay can only be so long; you're trying to capture and keep people's attention spans on a giant, white screen. Where as in prose, you (we) have more luxury in pacing because those same people have these great things called bookmarks :)


on 09/01/2011

Hi Taylor I'm new to this to but I'm not that good of a writer and really new to the whole screenwriting thing.

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