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on 09/02/2011

Romance Screen write Need Help! Please

I want to write a screen write about two people who are in there young 20s modern time but are traditional and old school romantic. For example they don't want to have sex until marriage and they write love letters to each other instead always using facebook or text messaging and they don't like all that fancy stuff they just care that they're with each other. So if any of you guys like help think of a plot and story line to me then please help me. I would love to call it something like "Old Love" or "New turned Old" or "A True Love Story".
I would pretty appreciate it if someone would help me.


on 09/19/2011

I would be happy to join and create ideas...I'm a sucker for old school cheesy romance. :3 And I'm a decent writer- I write a lot of poems if that helps. :)

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