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on 09/29/2011

8 things to that must be in your script to be successful


The simple break down for those that won't/can't/haven't read Joseph Campbell and the hero's journey
1. A character is in a zone of comfort
2. But they want something
3. They enter an unfamiliar situation
4. Adapt to it
5. Get what they wanted
6. Pay a heavy price for it
7. Then return to their familiar situation
8. Having changed


If your story is not giving this to the audience, if you are not wrapping your story in this, whatever your story is, then while there is a chance your story is brilliant and wonderful, there is a greater chance the audience is going to to "wtf???" and walk out before it's over...this isn't rocket science people, it's been the same way for 7000 years of recorded history...
yeah, you can have 1 film in a 1000 that doesn't succeed but then you are betting your time, effort and energy on a horse running with 1000 to 1 odds of winning....


on 12/15/2011

lovely one..!! truely amazing !!


on 12/23/2011

Nice one!

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