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on 12/16/2011

I Don't Write Linearly....

So while the scene system is very nice and all, I don't write scene-by-scene. I write little bits and pieces and then it all comes together.
Is there anywhere I can just *write?*


on 03/08/2012

Don't worry, the scene system doesn't like me either. lol


on 03/13/2012

Im not a great writer however I have great story telling ability.


on 03/14/2012

Do you jump straight into the script, or do you write a plan first.

To write in a non linear fashion, it might be better to write the events on sheets of paper, that can then be rearranged into a better structure.

Alternatively you might consider writing scenes as seperate script files and then copying and pasting them, or importing them into one script later. celtx or maybe might work better for that, I've never tried it with plotbot.

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