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Edited on 12/26/2011. Posted on 12/26/2011.

A zombie-pandemic film set in Mexico!

Hello, everybody:

I just joined approximately 50 minutes ago and have written about two pages of a film I thought about and came up with while vacationing last week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I have always been into zombie, pandemic and post-apocalyptic films and have developed my screenwriting skills over time via videos and online guides. I'd say that on a level of 1 to 10 when it comes to being an acceptable/good screenwriter, I'm a 4. DON'T LET THAT SCARE YOU OFF. I could use a kind fellow or two to guide me through and help add and conjure up plot elements. If interest sparks I'll speak more about my plot intentions here. I should mention that the script is currently private, but if enough interest comes I'll change that.


Edited on 01/01/2012. Posted on 01/01/2012.

I might be interested. England gets 28 Days Later. America's got Dawn of the Dead. Spain's got [REC]. Why haven't all these other countries been invaided by zombies.


on 10/23/2012

i would like to help you and if i could film it i would be happy to im moving in a month to a small country right next to mexico and it would be more realistic if it was filmed where it took place.


on 11/23/2012

How about having the Zombies turn into genuinely nice people. You know instead of the sterile, lifeless fucks we have all become, why not have the Zombies become these really great nice people who do things with the best of intentions. They give away all of their shit, they are really really happy when you get a promotion or raise. They just can't say enough nice things about you, and really really mean it. Because they are this way the non-Zombies hate them even more because the Zombies amplify the life-less fucks they really are, so they start killing them.


on 11/26/2012

Sukotto you are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one has had greeat Ideas and u have tried to put down and change everyones story. How about u leave everyone on here alone and quite trying to sabatoge everyones work.


Edited on 11/30/2012. Posted on 11/30/2012.

I can only offer suggestions, I can't change stories. Only they can do that. Don't be jealous Get Real just because I am so much more creative than you, doesn't mean that you can't contribute ideas too. But you can't do that if you spend all your time following me around like a stalker commenting on how stupid you think I am. Besides it's not very nice.

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