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on 01/31/2012

"Add a New Scene" button not working.

Hello all,
I started using plotbot a couple of days ago, and really liked the concept! Everything was working great until last night when the scene buttons stopped working. Whenever I push them all that comes up is a grey box - and it seems like a coding issue.

I have javascript enabled in my browser and have tested this over several browser (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) but they all have the same problem. Is there some better way to setup my browser to make this go away because it has become a major roadblock to the screenplay I'm writing with some friends.

All the other buttons and features work fine as far as I can tell, but whenever I hit "Edit scene details" or "Add a new scene" all that comes up is a blank grey dialog box.

Any help would be appreciated ASAP because otherwise I'll have to port the entire project over to a different system. :(


on 01/31/2012

Sorry, this should be working now. It was a weird caching thing.

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