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Edited on 03/21/2012. Posted on 03/19/2012.

Looking for Collaboration

I have most all the elements and story put together but would like to colaborate with someone or others that are interested in the story. I have a short synopsys of my project " A Life that Echos" Really need help with dialog, script format ,and opinions of the story in general...
this is a small discription of what its about.....
"After having an out of body experience and the next day being in a horrific car accident that whirls his mind into visions of a past life , Reece ( normally grounded in reality ) finds himself searching for answers and more importantly searching for the love lost in his past life. As the out of body experiences and dreams of his past life increase Reece finds himself on an adventure that takes him across continents ,centuries ,and face to face with evil. "

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