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on 03/26/2012

Need Help for school project

I am writing a play about teengae angst thats kinda fantasy like.

It;s about this girl who thinks shes ugly so she always wears a mask and hides in shadows watching other peoples lives. Her only compy is the 2 devils Lucifer and Leviathan that follow her and persuade her to do things which would lead to her attempt at suice...


on 03/28/2012

What class is this project for? How old are you?


Edited on 03/28/2012. Posted on 03/28/2012.

This is for my Media corrospondence and I am in year 12 :)
(which is 16)


on 05/15/2012

Sadie... I know it's been a month, and I don't even know if you're still monitoring this forum. If so, how has the project been coming along? In what ways do you need help with this?


two years ago

This actually sounds like it has potential i would love to hear the outcome of this even if its past the school deadline for the project i think that it is a great message and you should still pursue this.

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