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on 05/07/2012

Looking for co-writer dark fiction, horror

Dear all,

I have been working on several short stories/novels/... for a while now but I am finding it quite difficult to get any decent feedback on my work.

English is not my native tongue but I am nevertheless quite fluent in it. This however poses an inherent problem that I cannot find anyone in my immediate vicinity to aid me in my writing, let alone finding someone with a similar interest in my genre.

My work tends to lean more towards a Lovecraftian style of writing and storytelling. Unnameable and indescribable horrors that burrow their way into mind and soul, inescapable and unfathomable, the realization of an insignificant position of mankind in a greater universe and the ensuing madness and despair that follows.

Something like that.

Though my imagination and other creative skills are more than sufficient I nevertheless need someone who is on the same level as me with whom I can converse, share, build and bounce ideas of,...

As such I am looking for a creative partnership that will hopefully bring out the darkest and most creative parts of both of us and hopefully create something truly shocking.

Drop a line if you feel up to the challenge. But please keep in mind that I am European so any partnership would be constricted to mailing, etc... for the time being.


on 05/07/2012


I like the sound of your creative style. I'd be happy to chat further with you.

Email: [email protected]

When you say lovecraftian I assume that's HP?



on 06/17/2012

More Barker/Lansdale type but Love the Dark menacing backdrop Lovecraft always seemed Wonderful at.

Send me a email at [email protected] and lets hook em up.

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