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two years ago

Opinions..Suggestion.. Funny skit

I'm not done but what do you botters think?? any thing I can add. maybe some situations or your stories??


two years ago

So, did you put this on your YouTube channel? It seems as though something like this is really done on the fly... I don't know why you'd need a script, unless you're planning on some kind of series. I would really take some time to develop the idea... do several rewrites... try it out on some people to see if it's really funny. I didn't necessarily find it that entertaining, but there are a couple of reasons why: there are quite a few formatting issues in the script... this website gives you easy access to formatting tools that can make your script look good if you use them correctly. Also, I'm probably a bit older than your target audience... Think about who your audience is and what you want to say.

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