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on 05/20/2012

Want collaborators for a film called Word Of Advice

Here is the full plot. I would like some people who can help me write it, coz I have problems finishing scripts I want to write.


Du'aine is a young boy with no history of any criminal behaviour. One day, in his schools changing room he hears a phone ring. He finds it and steals it. He eventually gets found out and is given a word of advice from his teacher telling him this could get him in trouble if he does it again.
He doesn't listen. At work, he steals some money out of a colleague's wallet, again he gets found out. He is given the same word of advice by his boss who then sacks him. Finally, he is broke, and sees an afluent looking young girl, holding an Iphone. He muggs her but is caught on CCTV and is arrested. He goes to prison where for a significant third time (although he is given multiple words of advice by multiple people along the way), he is given the same words of advice.

He ends up leaving prison, and is on the street. He wishes he could have ignored that phone and turned his life around, instead of doing crime, start rapping (which he likes). His wishmaker (fairy godfather type thing) appears talks to him and grants him his wish.

The film goes back to the beginning and he ignores the phone, meets his mates, goes to a club and does a open mike, impressing a music mogul with his freestlye ability. He gets a contract, becomes famous and meets a beautiful girlfriend. He then sets up a charity called "Word Of Advice" and helps children who need to turn their life around. The film ends with him closing up the store.



on 05/21/2012

Matt, this seems like a good starting point for your idea... If you don't get a response from the forums here, look around at some of the projects people are working on and see if you can find some collaborators that you like. There are so many people who have come to this site, started a project, then moved on when they hit a roadblock or couldn't get anyone to help them. I think if you jump in on a few projects and work with some of the people here on some things they have going on, they'll definitely be willing to help you out with your ideas, too. Everyone here has ideas for great stories, but I've found that this is not a site of instant connection, you have to work at it a bit. Keep at it, and best of luck!


on 05/22/2012

Just a suggestion, Matt, but you ought to look at mistercig's post and see if he has some interest in a collaboration.


on 05/23/2012

Thanks! Are you up for a collaboration?


on 06/03/2012

Thanks for the invite, but for now I'm trying to get a project done... I want to get my screenplay done so I can submit it to some horror festivals this year.


on 06/14/2012

Cool. Good luck!!

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