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on 05/21/2012

Lets work together

Hello plot bot writers,
My name is Damian and I have three projects I started working on but slacked off a bit for over a year. Well I'm living in Chicago area now and have free time available and really would like to finish my projects to maybe pitch to a studio in my current area or to take to California where i have relatives and access to L.A studio executives. There will be no promises of money for helping me write the movies and one a series; but if I can sell the script or get a chances of production I will be willing to split profits, rights, and recognition of the film sold. I need creative mind people for comedy, compassion, love, hurt, deceit, tragedy, drama, suspense, and thriller. I have a story I am working on called "Sampson and Deliah" which will be a modern day love story of the bible version but hood style. "Spoony G" which will be a comedy movie about a wanna be rapper. My favorite is "The big "A" for apartment" which is based off of a woman who moves back home to be close with her family after learning her husband been cheating. This I want to write as a series because it will show her struggle of dealing with a new environment, job, new schools for her childrens and dealing with the lose of her husband who been the provided of the family since day one; so women I need your inputs and experiences on this one. I will explain more to the people interested, that I accept, and will allow you to view what I have wrote so far. Once again I am not a big time film writer, no I do not have money to film my script, but I do have a creative mine state, the sources, and drives to make my dreams come true. Who knows this could be the start of a beautiful friendship and lifetime partnership; only serious inquries responds. I am a grown man I do not have time for childish games or responds; lets be adults if you don't like me or what I offering keep your comments and keep moving.


on 05/23/2012

Hey Mistercig! I need help for my project too. It's called Word Of Advice. I'll try and help you with yours if you help me with mine. What do you think?


on 05/24/2012

Sounds like a plan what's it's about?


on 05/29/2012

Sorry for the late response. Here's the plot.

Du'aine is a young boy with no history of any criminal behaviour. One day, in his schools changing room he hears a phone ring. He finds it and steals it. He eventually gets found out and is given a word of advice from his teacher telling him this could get him in trouble if he does it again.
He doesn't listen. At work, he steals some money out of a colleague's wallet, again he gets found out. He is given the same word of advice by his boss who then sacks him. Finally, he is broke, and sees an afluent looking young girl, holding an Iphone. He muggs her but is caught on CCTV and is arrested. He goes to prison where for a significant third time (although he is given multiple words of advice by multiple people along the way), he is given the same words of advice.

He ends up leaving prison, and is on the street. He wishes he could have ignored that phone and turned his life around, instead of doing crime, start rapping (which he likes). His wishmaker (fairy godfather type thing) appears talks to him and grants him his wish.

The film goes back to the beginning and he ignores the phone, meets his mates, goes to a club and does a open mike, impressing a music mogul with his freestlye ability. He gets a contract, becomes famous and meets a beautiful girlfriend. He then sets up a charity called "Word Of Advice" and helps children who need to turn their life around. The film ends with him closing up the store.


on 06/11/2012

Hey guys... just curious if you were able to get a collaboration off the ground here! How are things coming?


on 06/14/2012

Not amazing. I'm going to have a go on my own and then ask people to review it. If I can finish it that is. I've got a schedule for all the films I want to do this summer though, so if I stick to it I should be on point. Thanks for your help though!!


on 06/16/2012

Unfortunate, but not out of the norm. Writing requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline. I think you've got a good idea about at least getting started. I think if you focus on one project at a time and that will help you be successful. If you write some, I'll do what I can to stop by and give you some feedback. Best of luck!

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