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on 05/25/2012

Hello I Am Chris/Idea Help

Hello everyone my name is Chris McKnight and I am a singer-songwriter, poet, writer, missionary, and spiritual leader. I have been doing music, poetry, writing etc. ever-since I was young. I was always influenced and inspired by Michael Jackson. It has always been my dream to make into the business to create and do something for The Lord. He has blessed me with the talents to inspire.

I had recently thought of a new film idea titled: Noah
and I really need help writing the script to make it perfect and inspirational so that I can get it on film. I never wrote a script before but I hope that Plotbot is my place to learn from you all. May you help me create Noah and I feel that this film can be made. If you want to know the plot comment if you want to help me.


on 06/03/2012

Hey Chris! Awesome to have you here. Familiarize yourself with the tools here in Plotbot and I'd be happy to give you some ideas when it comes to writing the script. I'm not really up for a full on collaboration because I am working on another project at the moment, but I can help out answering questions about formatting or storytelling, etc.


on 06/03/2012

Hello Chris i have no experience in the actual layout of screen plays but if you need any creative help or maybe just someone to bounce ideas off of i would definitely love to help.

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