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on 05/31/2012

Looking for someone who has experence.

Hello i am a writer and i have been working on a story for the better part of 8 years. I have the story laid out how i think it belongs. The only part is i don't have any experience writing screen plays. I am only looking for one writer to work with and we will be formatting it for a television series for a network. OK im sure you want to hear a little about it. First off it is a action based story on two brothers and there rise from nothing into a life of crime. It will have a Boondocks Saints type of feel If interested please message me here or at my email [email protected]


on 06/03/2012

Hey Stephen... Great to have you here! One way to find writers is to look around at some other projects that have the same feel as what you're wanting to write. If you see some work that you like, invite the author. Best of luck!


on 06/03/2012

Thats excellent Advice James thank you very much. I love this site it is great for networking. Also seeing other peoples work is a great alleviation of writers block.


on 07/31/2012

Writing a story for a book is different from writing a script. In a script you describe images and how they make you feel. TRansposing a book to a script is not easy. I tried it once and I know what I am talking about: rewriting alot, cutting off scenes, etc. I use Celtx software for my scripts and I think it's great. If you need any help, just yell. I can read your story and turn it into a script.

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