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on 09/18/2008

Help - Write me a skit!

Hey all,

I need a somewhat compelling skit to produce for my video production class. The emphasis is on dramatic lighting, so I need a 1 minute (approx.) skit with 1-2 characters that allows for some sort of dramatic lighting.

What's in it for you?

Well... no monetary value... but, you will see your skit come alive on the screen.

Let's work out a deal... even an idea to help me out would be much appreciated.



on 11/17/2008

Its probably to late now and sorry for bumping this if it is too late but here's my 2 cents on this...
Start off with the clouds parting and a single ray of light spilling out onto a lone rose or some sort of flower, it could be anything for that matter. Then to make things more interesting have a character walk up and pick the object up, but don't reveal his or her face, at first. Long hair draped over their face would be a good way to achieve this as they look at the object they have just acquired. Then of course put what ever dialog you need in , maybe as the the character talks they can slowly hold the object out in the light and slowly reveal their face. I don't know how your dialog would go but if it fits, after the main character has finished their bit another character could enter and do their thing.

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